Salman Khan Gets Trouble In "Bigg Boss 7"

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Salman Khan Gets Trouble In "Bigg Boss 7"

Television’s biggest reality show Bigg Boss is set to launch its seventh season on Colors with none other than its four-time host Bollywood actor Salman Khan. The promos are being shot and report says this time creative team is getting more vigorous to bring new and appealing concepts for the audience.

And in the same attempt they have chalked a promo shoot which will feature Salman Khan is in double roles. Yes, seventh season will going to be double blast of entertainment having Salman in awesome twosome actions, one as a sophisticated SoBo guy and the other as a tapori. It is also reported that if these promo will come out with impressive feedbacks than this double role action may even be incorporated into the show.

“The concept of showing Salman in a double role is quite appealing. This will be his fourth season as the host and we have to attempt something new and unique,” unveil source.

Bigg Boss season 7 is likely to have an earlier launch this year which is a new act for makers as its previous season had October month release but this year it will see September month to catch more eyeball on the festive season.

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