Jacqueline Fernandez Excited With Street Shopping

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Jacqueline Fernandez Excited With Street Shopping

In the Capital recently as a face of an upcoming fashion week, actor Jacqueline Fernandez seemed excited about scouring the city for some quick shopping. “I love Delhi because I get to shop so much! While I can drop into a mall in south Delhi for luxury, I also like the city for its street shopping. Khan Market is another place I like to check out in the Capital,” the 28-year-old former beauty queen told us.

When asked if she put on a disguise when she went out on Delhi streets, prompt came the reply: “I don’t need to! You won’t recognise me without my makeup. So the trick is to go out without putting any on.”

Talking about her future ventures, she divulged, “I’m doing Kick with Salman Khan, but we haven’t started shooting for it yet. Then there is Roy with Ranbir Kapoor by debutant director Vicky Singh.”

Jacqueline is keenly looking to work with new filmmakers. “The star cast is not my concern — I usually go for directors. I love working with first-timers, it’s really exciting.”

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