Poonam Pandey Made Shivam Nervous

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Poonam Pandey Made Shivam Nervous

Bold scenes of the model-turned-actress Poonam Pandey in Nasha are making a lot of noise and the dusky beauty is very confident to portray such an exotic character.Ever since the first look of her debut film ‘Nasha‘ has been released Poonam Pandey is getting a lot of attention both from media and fans.Poonam said that her co-star Shivam, who plays a college student, got nervous during intimate scenes.

“My co-star got nervous when we shot for intimate scenes in Nasha. When it comes to me I enjoyed shooting for all the scenes,” revealed Poonam.”It’s my work and if I won’t do scenes with comfort, they won’t look good on-screen,” .

When questioned about her opinion on bold scenes as an actress, Poonam stressed, “As an actress I don’t know, but as a person I don’t think it’s wrong. Sex is not a big deal in relationships. You are not doing anything wrong by kissing your lover.”

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