Comic Con: The CW's "Arrow"

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Comic Con: The CW's "Arrow"

The CW ran a Comic Con panel yesterday for the second season of its hit show "Arrow" in the convention center's Ballroom 20.

Actors Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Colton Haynes and John Barrowman all showed up to show off a 'sizzle reel' which mixes first and second season footage.

There was only a brief fan Q&A where a couple of key facts were touched upon about upcoming episodes.

The opening scenes of season two will give us a big clue as to when Manu Bennett's Slade Wilson will become Deathstroke. Guest stars this season include Michael Jai White as the Suicide Squad's Bronze Tiger, and Kevin Alejandro as Brother Blood.

The death of Tommy will play a big part it Oliver's evolution from the revenge seeking 'The Hood' into the famed Green Arrow. Amell says "Everything that happens, not just in season two but in the entire series, is to honour Colin Donnell's character - and every decision Oliver makes in his life is to honour Tommy, going forward."

Season Two commences five months after the events of the first season finale and will kick off the 'Black Canary' storyline. However, it won't be Laurel Lance - at least for now. Paul Blackthorne's Quentin Lance is also back on the force and in a much more emotionally stable place as the season opens.

Of his character's arc next season, Colton Haynes' says: "Season two is almost 'the island' for Roy - like what happened with Oliver. Roy is maybe not as much of a bad-ass as he thinks he is."

Susanna Thompson says her arc this season involves her stepping down from running Queen Consolidated and seeking redemption. As a result, Oliver takes charge of the company while Thea takes over the nightclub.

The new season premieres October 9th.

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