Is Nargis Fakhri A Shy Girl?

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Is Nargis Fakhri A Shy Girl?

All set to be seen as a journalist in upcoming political thriller Madras Café, actress Nargis Fakhri claims of her innocence as she chirps that she is a shy person and happy to be in the industry at this point of time.

She is playing a role of Journalist in ‘Madras Cafe’. She says that she is a very shy person but people do not believe that. She said to a popular English Newspaper, “I am not sure if I would have any inhibitions, but that’s me just talking. I am a shy girl, yes I know that may be hard for many to believe.

“I am impressed on how things are changing and very rapidly I must say. I’m glad I have come into the industry at this point in time. Inspirations, well I have been my own inspiration, but I do admire the women in this industry, as it is not easy at all. Even the so called glamorous looking stuff is not easy, said Nargis.

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