Vidya Balan Loves Her Acting

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Vidya Balan Loves Her Acting

Every time a new script is handed to her, Vidya Balan admits a strong sense of greed grips her mind. It is this greed as an actor that makes her search for characters in which she can live over the next few months.

In her latest movie Ghanchakkar, Vidya was seen as a loud Punjabi wife and she played the character beautifully. She says that she always connect with the character easily.

“Kahaani”, a thriller directed by Sujoy Ghosh, is about a pregnant woman`s difficult journey to find her husband`s killer. The actress said she would like to work with Hritik because she hasn`t worked with him. Talking about Bengali superstar Prosenjit, she said: “We have been wanting to work together for a long time. Every year there has been talks about a Bengali film but we have not been able to work out the dates. So this year, Sujoy has said he will make a film with both of us. We are on a lookout for a good script. If everything happens, we will make it work.” Vidya said she would love to team up with SRK in a romantic flick.

Vidya said, “I feel humbled when people say that. I am just doing work, which I believe in. In Ghanchakkar, Sanju (Emraan Hashmi) was the central character. I was not the protagonist. I was ok with it as I love the character. I don’t have set notions and don’t take on that kind of pressure. My only dream was to be an actor and I am living my dream to the fullest.”

While people were busy discussing her outfits at the red carpet, Vidya came home enriched after watching films by acclaimed filmmakers such as Roman Polanski, Steven Soderbergh, Nicolas Winding Refn, Alexander Payne and more, which were screened at the festival.

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