The Weinstein Company Plan Martial Arts Remakes

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The Weinstein Company and Celestial Pictures are teaming to produce English-language remakes of two classic Shaw Brothers martial arts titles.

Both are being penned by John Fusco and produced by Harvey Weinstein and David Thwaites.

The first, based on Sun Chung's 1978 effort "The Avenging Eagle," follows a cabal master who raises orphans to be his own personal thugs in an outlaw band. One of the orphans strikes out on his own and joins up with a mysterious warrior, while the rest of the group seek out to kill the orphan for rebelling.

The second film is based on King Hu's 1966 film "Come Drink With Me" and follows a band of thugs who kidnap a young official as hostage to exchange for their captured leader.

The prisoner’s highly skilled martial artist sister is sent to free him and seeks help from a beggar and Kung-Fu master to get her brother back.

Both films are part of the renowned Shaw Brothers library, the largest Chinese-language feature film library in the world.

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