Poonam Pandey's "Nasha" Gets Avoid?

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Poonam Pandey's "Nasha" Gets Avoid?

When she made tall claims about parading nude to celebrate the Indian cricket team’s World Cup victory in 2011, little did she know that her publicity gimmick would land her a role in a film two years hence! Yes, a film titled ‘Nasha’!!!

“Yes, we are already in talks about the sequel. Most probably I will be directing the sequel and I would be more than happy if Poonam is there in ‘Nasha 2′ as well. The sequel will not be a continuation, but it will explore sensuality just like ‘Nasha’,” Saxena, known for directing “Jism“, told IANS.

Bhatia, producer of Nasha, discovering that stills from his movie are being leaked, he has banned mobie phones with cameras on the sets of the film.

Poonam Pandey as an actress is very bad and awful. Despite of her ‘Publicity-Hungry’ striptease stunts and challenges, she couldn’t give a single decent expression in any of the love making scenes from the film. She made herself a ‘Wannabe’ brand of Kim Kardashian but after Nasha, you won’t want to see her in acting again. New boy Shivam acted well. In fact this was the only cast which went perfectly well. Rest of the characters were boring.

Sources say that the situation is akin to Dabangg 2 shoot. The line producer Monty was unable to keep the crowds at bay while Salman Khan was shooting on the location and incidentally, Monty is the line producer for Poonam Pandey’s Nasha as well.

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