Jung Ryeo Won Joins "Medical Top Team"

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Jung Ryeo Won Joins "Medical Top Team"

The cast is filling out for MBC’s fall drama Medical Top Team, which started out by securing Kwon Sang-woo to headline the follow-up drama from Brain’s writer and The Moon That Embraces the Sun’s PD. With the hero in place, the show has added Oh Yeon-seo in a secondary lead role, and now Jung Ryeo Won has been selected as its main female lead.

The drama centers around a team of briliant doctors, each at the top of his or her field. Jung Ryeo Won’s character is a thoracic surgeon with “strong charisma” and a “warm, human touch.” But that doesn’t mean she’s a pushover; she’ll also show an ambitious side, as befits her elite doctor status.

Then there’s Joo Ji Hoon, who is poised to join the cast now that his MBC broadcasting ban has now been lifted. Joo returned from army duty with a movie (I Am the King) and a drama (Five Fingers), and it looks like his career rehab is proceeding nicely.

According to Joo’s management company, Keyeast, he has received the drama offer and is considering it favorably. His would-be character is an internist whose mild-mannered appearance hides his heart-of-ice interior. Sounds like he’s the sneaky type of shrewd and calculating, since he sees Team Genius as a mere stepping-stone for his goal of being the next hospital director. Everyone, watch your backs.

Medical Top Team will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays in October.

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