Choi Jin Hyuk Joins "God's Play"

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Choi Jin Hyuk Joins "God's Play"

Choi Jin Hyuk is adding a new movie to his increasingly busy slate—he sure is working a lot these days, what with the sudden explosion of popularity (totally deserved, naturally) he’s experienced this year (thanks, Gu Family Book) and the massive demand now placed on his time and face and body. Mm, body.

The movie is called God's Play, which features stars Jung Woo-sung and Lee Beom-soo. It’s a story about the strategy-based board game baduk. Choi Jin Hyuk joins the team as Lee Beom Soo’s ally, which makes him a bad guy. 

God's Play comes from director Jo Beom Gu, who directed the action-packed bombs-and-speed-driven blockbuster Quick and will begin filming at the end of August.

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