Lee Jun Ki's Get So Bloody in "Two Weeks"

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Lee Jun Ki's Get So Bloody in "Two Weeks"

In thirty seconds we get a quick capsule of the premise: Lee Jun Ki wakes up one day covered in blood, lying next to a dead body.He gets hauled away as the prime suspect, and meanwhile he’s just found out he has an eight-year old daughter he never knew about. Oh, and she’s dying. Suddenly the police car that’s taking him away crashes in an accident, and he sees his window of opportunity to flee.

He takes it, and narrates as he rides away: “For once in my life, just once, I want to live as a person.” It’s a great line to end on, because it immediately has me wondering about his past and why he’s thrown his life away. It also helps explain why his ex Park Ha Sun may have kept his daughter a secret all these years. Curioser and curioser.

Two Weeks follows Queen's Classroom and premieres August 7 on MBC.

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