Cameron Diaz Thinks Robert Pattinson So Hot

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Cameron Diaz Thinks Robert Pattinson So Hot

Cameron Diaz reportedly finds Robert Pattinson hot! She is even said to have accepted a wine-tasting invite to spend some time with the "Twilight" star. 

“Cameron thinks Rob is really hot and is up for making a play for him. The fact that he’s 27 doesn’t bother her," quoted a source as saying. 

Cameron Diaz is 40. She hasn't worked with Robert Pattinson yet, but the two have known each other for a while. 

“She has known him for a while, but decided to keep a respectful distance while he was in that relationship with Kristen Stewart," he said. 

Diaz recently received an invite from actress Reese Witherspoon for wine-tasting at her residence, and ever since she got to know that Pattinson would be present there too, she is said to have quickly made up her mind to attend it. 

Now he’s single so as soon as she knew Reese was hosting a four-day wine-tasting weekend at her home in Ojai, she was quick to get in on the act," said the source.

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