NBC Remakes "Rosemary's Baby," "The Tommyknockers"

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NBC Remakes "Rosemary's Baby," "The Tommyknockers"

Beleaguered network NBC has announced that it is developing four new high-profile event series to join its already announced six-hour "Cleopatra" miniseries.

The news was announced at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour on Saturday. The first is a limited series entitled "Plymouth" which is being made by "The Bible" producer Mark Burnett. That series deals with the Pilgrims' journey across the Atlantic and the hardships of settling in the New World.

The most surprising of the four is what's being labelled as an "updated remake" of "Rosemary's Baby" which will be set in Paris. The project is being described as a new adaptation of the Ira Levin novel rather than a remake of Roman Polanski's classic film adaptation.

Also in the works is a four-hour miniseries about Hillary Clinton that will star Diane Lane and is being penned and directed by "Frozen River" filmmaker Courtney Hunt. This story will deal with events from 1998, when Hillary was first lady, through to the present.

Finally, there's a new adaptation of Stephen King's 1987 horror/sci-fi tale "The Tommyknockers". Previously adapted into a mini-series in 1993, the new version will be helmed by Yves Simoneau ("Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee").

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