Jon M. Chu Talks The "Masters of the Universe" Movie

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Jon M. Chu Talks The "Masters of the Universe" Movie

G.I. Joe: Retaliation" director Jon M. Chu may have the third film in that series in his future, but another project he's busy with is the long-in-development "Masters of the Universe" movie.

Despite his 'Joe' commitments, Chu tells SHH that he's determined to see He-Man make the return to the big screen:

"The script for 'Masters of the Universe' is what really hooked me. I love 'Masters of the Universe,' but I didn't know necessarily how to make it into a movie until I read the script and thought, 'Oh my gosh, I totally see it. I get how this is going to shake it up, I get how this is different from any other thing,' and it got me really really excited.

We're still working on that one and 'Joe' has momentum right now. The audience has been great and they want another one, so we're rushing to get that done and Dwayne has a certain time period so it may end up that 'Joe' goes first in all those things and I don't know if 'Masters of the Universe' will wait for me or where that's going to end up.

But right now it's been great. We've been designing a ton of stuff for 'Masters of the Universe' as a really beautiful, grounded, honest world - that's the best way I can describe it. It's everything you want 'Masters of the Universe' to be in terms of the fantasy but not in a way theatrical crazy way. It is actually a gorgeous world that we're doing in the initial visual concepts that we've been making."

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