Phil Lord, Chris Miller Talk "21 Jump Street"

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Phil Lord, Chris Miller Talk "21 Jump Street"

Hard at work on "The LEGO Movie," writer/directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have only recently begun developing their follow-up to the "21 Jump Street" movie which begins filming this September in New Orleans.

Talking about the project with Collider, Miller says: "We didn’t really sign on to this movie until about a month ago because we didn’t feel like we were sure that it would be a good movie, and then finally we got to a point in the script where we were like, 'Okay, I believe this will be a good movie.'"

Another reason was finding a balance between finding something different and yet familiar. Instead of going bigger though, the the film's scribes Michael Bacall and Oren Uziel went deeper.

Miller says: "What made the movie take off is when we started to really think about, ‘Oh what’s it like to be in a partnership?’ … So really making that thing work seemed like a deeper way to go in that it would create a lot of story possibilities and a lot of comedy."

Lord adds: "If the first movie is about two people getting together for the first time, this is about what happens if you try to really make the relationship work. We’ll probably never do another bromance after this one, but we’re trying to get as emotionally deep into that as possible."

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