"Batman vs. Superman" To Include An Aware Lois Lane

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"Batman vs. Superman" To Include An Aware Lois Lane

Whatever the title of the upcoming "Batman vs. Superman"/"Man of Steel" sequel ends up being, one thing that will likely be different from previous Superman movies is the handling of Clark Kent.

The final scenes of "Man of Steel" indicate the new Lois Lane (Amy Adams) is aware from the start that Superman and the Daily Planet's new reporter Clark Kent are the same man. Cavill recently spoke with IGN about the benefits of that scenario:

"I think it’s essential [for Lois to know Clark's secret] because if we’re trying to base it reality, there’s no way that Lois has these direct interactions with Superman, and then doesn’t recognize Clark sitting next to her in the office.

If she falls in love with Superman, and she’s ignoring a guy who looks just like Superman, behaves just like him, and has the same kind of mannerisms and behavior, then what does that say about Lois? I like this relationship. She saves him just as much as he saves her."

Asked if he wanted Lois to be more of an emotional equal to his character in subsequent films, Cavill says: "Yes, absolutely, but [brief pause] 100 percent."

The quote comes as news also broke today that production on the sequel will likely shift from the Vancouver base of the first movie to a new one in Toronto. The move is reportedly being made due to better tax incentive credits in Ontario.

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