Paul Schrader Penning Clarence Thomas Biopic?

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Paul Schrader Penning Clarence Thomas Biopic?

Speaking after the world premiere of his Kickstarter-funded new film "The Canyons," filmmaker Paul Schrader briefly spoke about another project he might be involved with in the future.

That movie? A biopic about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas that came about via an e-mail exchange he had with filmmaker Spike Lee. Schrader recounts the story:

"I said, 'Spike, you and I should do a film about Clarence Thomas. I'll write it, you direct it. Clarence Thomas is probably the most complex and interesting black power figure in America today. But if either one of us did it alone, it wouldn't have as much strength to it.

But we should do this together.' Now when that comes up, and a project starts to have a kind of heat to it, then you say 'Well we could crowd finance this too.'"

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