Sci-Fi Novels "Elusion," "Tomorrow and Tomorrow" Adapted

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Sci-Fi Novels "Elusion," "Tomorrow and Tomorrow" Adapted

FlynnPictureCo. and Silver Reel have acquired the film rights to Claudia Gabel and Cheryl Klam's upcoming sci-fi thriller meets young romance novel "Elusion".

The first in a proposed series, the story follows two teens who can travel to virtual worlds while undergoing hypnosis. They are initially unaware that more is happening than they realise.

In other sci-fi novel adaptation news, Sony Pictures has scored the film rights to Thomas Sweterlitsch's novel "Tomorrow and Tomorrow". Noah Oppenheim ("The Maze Runner") is adapting the script, while Film 360 and Mark Gordon Company will produce.

Set a decade after the destruction of Pittsburgh, the story follows one survivor who discovers a scandalous cover-up regarding the city's demise as he goes about creating a digital reproduction of the area.

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