Seven More Join Helen Hunt's "Ride"

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Seven More Join Helen Hunt's "Ride"

Luke Wilson, David Zayas, Mike White, Richard Kind, Leonor Varela, Elizabeth Jayne and Brenton Thwaites are set to star alongside Helen Hunt in her second directorial effort "Ride".

Thwaites plays a 20-year old NYU student who moves from New York to California for the summer. He leaves behind his strong-willed magazine editor mother (Hunt) and when she hears he’s chucking school for surfing, she follows him.

There, he pursues his dream and she pursues him. Along the way she meets a surf teacher (Wilson) who brings her to life in every way. Both mother and son find their own version of love, sex and an unexpected state of grace in a most unlikely place.

The film follows on from her 2007 first effort "Then She Found Me". Lizzie Friedman, Gregg Little, and Moon Blauner will produce. Shooting begins on August 5th in Los Angeles before moving to New York City in October.

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