Pandji Pragiwaksono Talks About "Comic 8"

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Pandji Pragiwaksono Talks About "Comic 8"

Again, Falcon Pictures greet you with news about the new comedy action movie project. Comic 8, Anggy Umbara entrusted to refine this film, is a film that involves 8 people stand up comedian, and Panji Pragiwaksono be one of them.

 Men are more familiarly known as the host of this show is often performed with his trademark quirky jokes. And for the Panji, Comic 8 itself is an interesting film projects. "The film is interesting, because there is no action comedy movie like this. Though this comedy movie, but a lot of positive messages and also raised issues that are happening right now," said Panji.

Comic 8 itself is known to be incorporated elements of the scene that requires physical stamina, and more. But since claimed to have liked the movie a long time, then take it as a challenge for him. 

"So far the process is fun. Challenge is there are a lot of scenes that requires extreme stamina. Moreover, we were all acting experience is still limited," said the man born in Singapore, the June 18, 1979. 

Meanwhile, the film Comic 8 is still awaiting the completion of the cultivation of the scenario. Comic 8 is expected to start shooting in September this year. Although the determination of the film release schedule is not yet known. 

Elsewhere, in addition to presenting 8 comedians, Mongol, mudy, Ernest, Kemal, Bintang, Babe, Fico, Arie Keriting and Panji, the director also promises a beautiful actress who is still a secret to Comic 8.

With a unique theme, Comic 8 is rumored to narrate about the bank robbery plan that will be carried out by a herd boy. Obviously with a unique and entertaining way

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