Meaning of "Get M4rried" For Nirina Zubir

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Meaning of "Get M4rried" For Nirina Zubir

It has been six years since the debut of Get Married movies released in the year 2007. Not many films are able to survive long enough to existence. It would also be felt by the actors and actresses, especially in Nirina Zubir. 

In the fourth sequel, Get M4rried, Nirina had confessed to belief if he was going to star in the title of this movie. "I never thought this would be as beautiful as the process. And I do not think shooting M4rried Get it as work, I regard it's a family gathering, and the shooting was a bonus," said Nirina Get M4rried at a press conference at Planet Hollywood, Jakarta (30/7) . 

In addition, actress Heart (2006) also did not deny the changes in his personal life has changed and looks in the film Get M4rried later.

"When the first movie, I was still single, then the second movie, if I'm not wrong again preparing to get married, then the third movie already had one baby, and now the baby is two. Ha ha ha," the story Nirina jokingly.

However, the actress was born in Madagascar 33 years ago that claimed to have high expectations for the film under the production of Servia. "It's been six years and we have 4 production of the film. I feel every series of Get Married's got its own uniqueness, and always so magnetic. Salute at the whole team not inexhaustible creativity. Hopefully Get Married can be continually present. Amin," said Gwen (30 Hari Mencari Cinta (2004)).

Besides Nirina and four companions, Amink, Ringo Agus Rahman, and Desta, Get M4rried also brings a fresh new look by the presence of Ricky Harun and Tatjana Saphira in the story this time. 

Still directed by Monty Tiwa, Get M4rried, has been scheduled for the day ahead of Eid enliven your starting August 2, 2013.

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