The Next "Doctor Who" Is Peter Capaldi

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The Next "Doctor Who" Is Peter Capaldi

55-year-old Scottish actor Peter Capaldi has scored the highly talked about role of the twelfth incarnation of The Doctor in BBC's long-running "Doctor Who". Capaldi replaces Matt Smith whose version is set to regenerate during this year's Christmas special.

A life long Who fan, Capaldi has previously been a part of the Who-universe. He had a guest starring role as an ancient Roman merchant named Caecilius in the 2008 episode "Fires of Pompeii," and had a major role as an ultimately tragic Government man named John Frobisher in the mini-series "Torchwood: Children of Earth".

With over three decades of experience, the role of The Doctor is quite different to what has been Capaldi's most defining role to this date - the frequently swearing Government spin doctor Malcolm Tucker in the acidic satire "The Thick of It" and its 2009 feature "In the Loop".

The actor has logged in credits in practically a bunch of British TV series from "Prime Suspect" to "Poirot," from "Neverwhere" to "The Vicar of Dibley," from "Skins" to "The Hour".

His film credits are also impressive - the Malkovich-led "Dangerous Liaisons," "Smilla's Sense of Snow," "Bean," "Shooting Fish," "Modigliani" and recently was seen in the big-budget epic "World War Z". He'll next be seen playing Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger in "The Fifth Estate," and King Kinloch in the Disney fantasy "Maleficent".

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