Shahrukh Khan Won't Present AbRam

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Shahrukh Khan Won't Present AbRam

Shahrukh Khan says his star status sometimes embarrasses and angers his two children, Aryan and Suhana, who are uncomfortable sharing the limelight. On Eid, the 47-year-old superstar along with wife Gauri, his sister Shehnaz and children came out to pose for the shutterbugs after offering prayers with the family.He waved at hundreds of fans, waiting for him since morning outside his residence, Mannat, in suburban Bandra. Holding her father’s hand, daughter Suhana also waved at the fans along with brother Aryan, who seemed a little uncomfortable.

A number of celebs including Amitabh Bachchan have called your second son, AbRam, a beautiful child. When do we get to see him?

I am just waiting for him to get better and then would love to spend some more time with him first. And if you asking me when am I planning to present him to the world…so the answer is ‘Never’. Let him grow old and when he steps out of the house and somebody photographs him, that is okay. I feel a little odd having to put my children in a position which makes them a little more special than they really are. They are normal kids and I want normalcy around them. It will be nice if they are left alone, though it’s a little unrealistic to think so.

Did you decide the name AbRam? Why is his name written differently? You said you’re waiting for him to get better…how’s he doing?

You know, it’s like how I write my name, Shahrukh Khan… that is how my father decided it – in two words. Similarly, I decided to write his name like that. His name is based on a variation of Prophet Abraham. And I liked the connotation that it’s kind of a secular name.

We are a Hindu-Muslim family so to say, and I want my children to grow up without any difference of opinion in the name. It’s nice this way and has more universal appeal. As far as his health goes, he is well and he should, Inshallah, be much better by the end of the month. He is not in intensive care but is in special care in the house. We are not allowed to see him too often, as he runs the risk of getting infected.

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