Her Legend's Premiere With First Episode Online

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Her Legend's Premiere With First Episode Online

JTBC’s new drama Her Legend, featuring Choi Jung Won as our heroine, Jung Soo. When her mother dies, she is taken to live with her uncle’s family. But the aunt resents the burden, and Jung Soo’s cousin (later played by Sohn Eun Seo) seems jealous and spiteful.

When another woman sees Jung Soo being abused by the aunt, she steps in and decides to take the girl to the States with her, at which point Bratty Cousin steps in and says SHE wants to go instead.

The ladies grow up and meet again, when Bratty Cousin is upgraded to Bitchy Cousin. Now they’re both working with handbags, and enter the chaebol prince (Kim Jung Hoon), Her Legend officially premieres on Monday, August 5.

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