Uhm Jung Hwa To Lead "Laws of Attraction"

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Uhm Jung Hwa To Lead "Laws of Attraction"

Uhm Jung Hwa's next project is a rom-com about the friendships and love lives of three forty-something women, called Laws of Attraction. It promises a bold, frank portrayal of sex and singledom, and co-stars Jo Min S

Uhm Jung Hwa stars as a cable network executive in charge of variety programming, who breaks up with a long-term boyfriend and begins a relationship with a much younger man. Lee Jae Yoon of Heartless City will be the new love interest, with whom she has a fiery new romance. Jo Min Soo plays a divorcée who runs a bakery cafe, and dreams innocently of the day a new love will wander into her life. Cue Lee Kyung Young (Vampire Prosecutor 2). 

Moon Sori is the only married member of the trio, and she plays a mom who enjoys a second newlywed phase in her relationship the minute her son leaves the nest to go study abroad.

Laws of Attraction has begun shooting and is aiming for a release later this year.

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