Jung Jae Young, Han Ji Min Start Shooting "Plan Man"

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Jung Jae Young, Han Ji Min Start Shooting "Plan Man"

Jung Jae Young (I Am a Murderer) and Han Ji Min (Rooftop Prince) have started shooting their new movie Plan Man, a warm human comedy about a guy who plans life down to every last detail and can’t last one second or take one step without a blueprint in place. Naturally, as this is rom-com world, he meets a woman who is the exact opposite in every way, and lives her days never thinking of tomorrow.

Han Ji Min’s character, on the other hand, is the lead vocalist of an indie rock band, and she lives her life in absolute spontaneity — equally extreme to be sure, but when have we ever encountered a rom-com pairing with a middle ground? She’s described as lovable and unpredictable, which is basically Plan Man’s kryptonite.

Plan Man is planning (hur) for a release early next year.

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