Ruby Ring

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Ruby Ring

A melodrama about two sisters, Ruby and Luna, who exchange faces and fates in an accident and live two different lives.

Chief Producer: Lee Jae Sang
Producer: Park Ki Ho
Director: Jun San
Writer(s): Hwang Soon Young
Cast: Lee So Yeon, Im Jung Eun, Kim Suk Hoon, Park Kwang Hyun, Jung Ae Ri, Byun Jung Soo, Jung Dong Hwan, Kim Seo Ra, Kim Ga Yun, Kim Young Ok, Ha Joo Hee, Lee Hyo Young, Kim Gyeo Wool, Lee Hyun Woo, Park Jin Joo, Han Kyung Sun, Bae Jung Ah

Title: 루비반지 / Rubibanji
Also known as: 루비의 반지 / Rubi-ui banji (Ruby's Ring)
Genre: Melodrama, romance, family
Episodes: 100+
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: August 19, 2013
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:50
Official Site: Ruby Ring


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