Hwang Jung Eum, Ji Sung Team In Melodrama Secret

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Hwang Jung Eum, Ji Sung Team In Melodrama Secret

Secret has confirmed its leads, and finally revealed a bit more of its plot. On the upside, that means Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum have signed on to return to dramaland.

The new Wednesday-Thursday show is being helmed by the PD of Dream High and comes from a newbie writer who won a screenwriting contest with this story. It centers around a “bad guy” and an “innocent but tenacious woman,” in a deadly melodrama about a man who falls in love with the woman who killed his lover.

Ji Sung plays a second generation chaebol who “has everything but a good personality.” Hwang Jung Eum plays the heroine who never gives up, even when her life comes crashing down in one fell swoop. She sacrifices her future for love when she goes to prison in her boyfriend’s place, and then gets dumped in exchange for her devotion. But she comes out a much stronger woman, determined to make a fresh start and live differently.

Ji Sung, who’s a month away from his wedding to real-life girlfriend Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice), will be going from wedding to drama shoots without a break for a honeymoon, the poor guy. Let’s hope the drama pulls out some good melodramatic flair and makes the sacrifice worth it.

Secret follows Wednesday-Thursday drama Sword and Flower, and premieres in September.

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