Robin Hardy Finishes "The Wicker Man" Trilogy

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Robin Hardy Finishes "The Wicker Man" Trilogy

"The Wicker Man" director Robin Hardy has confirmed he's moving forward with "Wrath of the Gods," the third (and apparently final) film in "The Wicker Man" series.

The project will complete a trilogy of 'Wicker' films and Hardy is in the opening stages of financing the film ahead of a potential shoot next year in the Shetland Islands.

Hardy says: "The first two films are all (about) offers to the Gods. The third film is about the Gods. I use the vehicle of the final act of Götterdämmerung (the last of Wagner’s Ring cycle)."

The news comes ahead of a digitally restored 40th anniversary re-release of a 'Final Cut' of the first film in the series - the original 1973 "The Wicker Man". Hardy also penned and helmed the 2011 sequel "The Wicker Tree".

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