Jonathan Mostow Replaces Phillip Noyce On "For the Dogs"

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Jonathan Mostow Replaces Phillip Noyce On "For the Dogs"

"Terminator 3" and "U-571" director Jonathan Mostow has come on board to direct Sam Worthington in the indie action-thriller "For the Dogs" at FilmEngine Entertainment and Anthropology Films.

The story centers on a solitary assassin who agrees to help a bright college girl exact revenge on those who mercilessly murdered her parents and younger brother.

Mostow replaces Phillip Noyce at the helm of the project which is based on Kevin Wignall’s novel. Oren Moverman ("Rampart," "The Messenger") is adapting the script.

Worthington, Paul Leyden, Anthony Rhulen, Navid McIlhargey, John Schwarz and Michael Schwarz will produce and shooting begins this Fall.

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