Louis Leterrier Returns For "Now You See Me" Sequel

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Louis Leterrier Returns For "Now You See Me" Sequel

"Now You See Me" director Louis Leterrier has confirmed that he's returning for the upcoming sequel to the heist caper hit at Lionsgate and Summit.

When it was announced that a sequel was in the works a few weeks ago, it was uncertain if the filmmaker was also slated to return. He tells Movieweb that he's not only back, but spilled some details on the challenge of doing a follow-up:

"We're actively working on the sequel to Now You See Me, so that is happening. We're writing it, and it's pretty fun. We had such a great time doing that and we loved the characters.

Our biggest problem now is that we have too many great ideas. We're sort of saying, 'What if he would do that? That would be amazing, I want to see this, I want to see that.'

We want it to be intense and as twisty as the first one, but also learn more about the characters and go deeper, what a great sequel should do. That's going to take not too long, but enough so, just like in the first one, it's perfectly crafted.

If you think about it, David Copperfield takes five years to prep, to create and prep. We just have a couple of years to do ours. David Copperfield was always saying, 'Your biggest challenge is you only have two years to do your movie, or one year to do your movie.'"

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