Deepika Padukone Back From Her Vacation

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Deepika Padukone Back From Her Vacation

The actress flies straight to Dubai from her Europe holiday to report to work on her next film. Over the last few days, Deepika Padukone had been spending some blissful moments under the Ibiza sun.

But with work beckoning her, we heard that instead of returning home to India, Dippy flew straight to Dubai. The actress is part of Farah Khan’s Happy New Year and the rest of the crew had already reached the desert emirate.

Sources from Dubai say that the actress has also been spotted having animated conversations with her co- star Shahrukh Khan as she apparently caught up with the latest Bollywood gossip from him.

An insider says, “She’s had a long holiday and Deepika wanted to get back to work soon. Before going for her vacation, she completed some dress rehearsals. For 20 days, she was entirely cut off from all news from the industry.”

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