Chiwetel Ejiofor, Joe Wright Team On "A Season in the Congo"

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Chiwetel Ejiofor, Joe Wright Team On "A Season in the Congo"

UK theatre The Young Vic is spreading its acclaim beyond the stage by taking their plays to the big screen.

Rather than filming an existing production for screening in cinemas (ala "National Theatre Live"), the plan is to shoot proper films of its plays, while using most of the cast and crew from the stage version.

The first in development is an adaptation of Aimé Césaire's "A Season in the Congo" which has attracted actor Chiwetel Ejiofor ("Serenity," "12 Years A Slave") and filmmaker Joe Wright ("Atonement," "Anna Karenina").

The story is a retelling of the 1960 Congo rebellion and the assassination of charismatic political leader Patrice Lumumba (Ejiofor). Wright and Ejiofor presented the play over the Summer and scored excellent reviews.

Filming on the project will begin in Kinshasa early next year. Ahead of that though, a spin-off short film based on the play will be released in November.

The Young Vic is also developing an adaptation of Ibsen's "A Doll's House" based on Carrie Cracknell's staging which is currently playing in the West End.


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