Chris Hemsworth Asks About Marvel and DC Comics

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Chris Hemsworth Asks About Marvel and DC Comics

Aside from the Nolan "Batman" films and the more recent "Man of Steel," the DC comics film universe has been struggling to catching up with Marvel's much mor e prolific output.

Out doing promotion for "Rush," Marvel's Thor himself Chris Hemsworth was asked about the rivalry between Marvel and DC comics fanboys.

He responded: "We’re just winning aren’t we? That’s not really a rivalry." When the interviewer added that "The Avengers" took more money than "The Dark Knight Rises," Hemsworth added: "Did we? Good."

He then followed that up with a more even-handed answer:

"Look you can’t not be excited about your film being part of something that does that well, but it all kind of benefits each other. If one film opens big, then most likely people want to come back to the movies and see something else. So it all feeds into each other."

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