More Christian Bale's Batman Audition

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The release of "The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition" Blu-ray boxset this week includes a bonus disc with several all new features.

One of those is a fascinating piece of footage - Christian Bale's screen test for 2005's "Batman Begins". Bale sported the bat suit worn by Val Kilmer in "Batman Forever" for the screen test.

Bale used his 'gruff voice' during the screen test, but it seems toned down slightly here. Amusingly, though you only see the back of her head, the woman testing with Bale in this clip is none other than the current Lois Lane herself - Amy Adams.

Not online yet but in the disc set there's also footage from Cillian Murphy’s audition for the role of Batman. Murphy failed to get the part, but Nolan was impressed enough he asked him to play The Scarecrow instead.

The featurettes also mention that Nolan originally wanted Gary Oldman to play Ra's Al Ghul, but Oldman wasn't interested in playing another villain. That's when Nolan convinced him to take on the Gordon role.

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