Holt McCallany, Vincent D'Onofrio To "Run All Night"

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Holt McCallany, Vincent D'Onofrio To "Run All Night"

Holt McCallany ("Bullet to the Head"), Vincent D’Onofrio ("Escape Plan") and Beau Knapp ("The Signal") have joined the cast of Jaume Collet-Serra's action thriller "Run All Night" at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Liam Neeson plays an aging mob hitman who, in a single night, is forced to take on his former boss (Ed Harris). He winds up on the run from the mob and the authorities with his estranged son (Joel Kinnaman).

McCallany will play Frank, a hitman charged with killing Kinnaman's character.

Brad Inglesby penned the script, while Brooklyn Weaver and Roy Lee are producing. Filming has just begun in New York City.

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