David Fincher's Proposed "Black Hole" Re-Opening?

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David Fincher's Proposed "Black Hole" Re-Opening?

Brad Pitt and his Plan B production company are bringing David Fincher's proposed "Black Hole" project back to life.

Not to be confused with the 1979 Disney sci-fi epic, or its Joseph Kosinski-directed remake in the works, the film is an adaptation of Charles Burns' acclaimed graphic novel.

The story follows a group of Seattle teens in the 1970s who contract an incurable sexually-transmitted disease that causes shocking mutations.

Paramount scored the rights years ago and set Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman to work on the script, with Alexandre Aja directing. Five years ago, Fincher came in to replace Aja.

Since then though, the film has stalled and become one of several projects on Fincher's 'films I'll get around to doing one day' list.

Now, Plan B has unveiled their upcoming slate of projects they're moving forward with and have included 'Hole' on the list. The list also includes Andrew Dominik's "Blonde," an adaptation of Michael Hastings' novel "The Operators" and a film based on Matt Haig's "The Last Family In England".

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