Alfonso Cuaron Won't To Watch "Gravity"?

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Alfonso Cuaron Won't To Watch "Gravity"?

You often hear that quite a few actors have great difficulty watching themselves on screen, and as a result will often not watch many of the films they have starred in.

Filmmakers can be like that as well, case in point being acclaimed director Alfonso Cuaron. Cuaron, who has previously admitted he obsesses over his work, tirelessly put the hard yards into his work on this past weekend's "Gravity".

In fact, as recently as two weeks ago he did a touch up to fix "some little stuff under the eye of one of the characters". The film is out now though, and Cuaron tells The Huffington Post that he's done with it:

"Once I finish a film, I don't ever see it again. Never ever. I have never seen any of my films since I finished them."

When asked if he'd watch one of his films if it randomly came on television whilst he was channel surfing, he amusingly responded:

"If it's on TV? It's a little bit like you're switching and you see something that is familiar. And then, immediately, you have the same reaction as if you suddenly jumped into a video of your parents having sex. And it's like 'Ahhh!' and you just change the channel… It's a little bit like that."

Cuaron admits that his avoidance of his own work is "just my process" and goes on to compare it to a relationship:

"It's something that you move on from the past. If you talk with Guillermo del Toro or any of my friends, their films are like their babies -- like their children. And they really take care of them and do new additions and new commentaries.

For me, my films are not like my children. They are like my ex-wife. They gave me so much; I gave them so much; I loved them so much; we part ways and, it's OK, we part ways.

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