Simon Kinberg Polishes "Fantastic Four" Reboot

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Simon Kinberg Polishes "Fantastic Four" Reboot

Simon Kinberg is currently polishing the script for the upcoming "Fantastic Four" reboot at 20th Century Fox.

Today, a shortlist of potential candidates to play some of the key characters has popped up over at Variety.

First up, Saoirse Ronan ("The Host") and Kate Mara ("House of Cards") are being tested for Sue Storm (aka the Invisible Girl). Actress Margot Robbie was also linked but will not be testing.

Next is Kit Harington ("Game of Thrones"), Jack O’Connell ("Skins") and Miles Teller ("The Spectacular Now") who are all reportedly getting test offers to read for the role of Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic).

"Fruitvale Station" and "Chronicle" actor Michael B. Jordan is the only name currently being mentioned for Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch).

No names have yet been mentioned for the role of the villain or Ben Grimm (aka the Thing).

Josh Trank helms the franchise reboot which is aiming to use this group of rising young stars and hopefully build a franchise around them.

Kinberg, Gregory Goodman and Matthew Vaughn are producing.

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