More About "Gravity"

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More About "Gravity"

Many of those involved in Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" have commented on how hands off the film's studio, Warner Bros. Pictures, was during production.

At one time though, the studio did have concerns. It is a risky project after all, a film in which there's really only two onscreen characters and one (albeit vast) location. Talking with io9, Cuaron revealed some of the early feedback he received from executives about the film.

One was an "Apollo 13"-style suggestion of frequent cutting back to Mission Control in Houston - "You need to cut to Houston, and see how the rescue mission goes. And there is a ticking clock with the rescue mission."

Another was the inclusion of flashbacks to showcase the backstory of Sandra Bullock's character, and even going so far as to suggest "a romantic relationship with the Mission Control commander, who is in love with her."

There was also one exec who asked for more action including "having an enemy, like a missile strike" and "finishing with a rescue helicopter".

Cuaron dealt with it the right way though - a respectful decline: "In the end, they were all very respectful because they had a clear view of what we were doing… You have to understand that in this is the many ways I don't know how they did it."

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