No Third Season For "House of Cards"

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No Third Season For "House of Cards"

The great experiment may be coming to a close sooner than we thought.

One person appearing at the Vancouver International Film Festival last week was Rick Cleveland, a co-executive producer and writer on Netflix's acclaimed big-budget original series "House of Cards".

That show is currently in production on its second season. When Netflix originally ordered the series, it was for 26 episodes (two 13-episode seasons) and so all the contracts for those involved are up at the end of this coming second season.

Should Netflix want a third season, re-negotiations will need to take place - something that's unlikely to happen according to Cleveland. He tells Gold Derby:

"'House of Cards' is only going to go a second season and I think that’s it. Kevin Spacey likes to do movies and Robin Wright likes to do movies."

The comment comes despite showrunner Beau Willimon tweeting in August that he hopes to write further seasons.

Part of the reason Cleveland seems so down is due to the show losing out at the Emmys to "Breaking Bad," and the way that show scored such media coverage and "buzz building" in its final season.

In comparison, the all-at-once distribution model of 'Cards' may have affected its awards chances, so the streaming service may push the launch of Season 2 until closer to the end of the Emmy eligibility cycle.

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