Final Season of "Clone Wars" Coming 2014

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Final Season of "Clone Wars" Coming 2014

After Disney bought LucasFilm, it abruptly cancelled the popular Cartoon Network series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" - leaving fans stuck with a cliffhanger fifth season ending.

At the time of the cancellation, the show itself was in the midst of production of its sixth season - leaving many to wonder if the episodes that had been produced so far would ever see the light of day.

Today, the show's supervising director Dave Filoni revealed in a Facebook posting that fans will be able to see all 22 episodes of the show's sixth season in early 2014. Here's the posting:

"Star Wars fans - I have some exciting news! We have wrapped production on all of the remaining Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes, and while that might be sad news in one way, it's good news in another.

It means you will finally get to see them. When, exactly, is a detail I cannot yet share. I can confirm that in early 2014 you will be watching the final episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, including one of Master Yoda's most challenging missions.

So, get ready. We've got Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels coming at you in 2014. Animated Star Wars is alive and well. Trust in the Force my friends.

It's not clear if the remaining episodes will air on a network like Disney XD, or if they'll only be released through a VOD streaming platform like iTunes, Amazon, Netflix or Hulu.

The show's replacement, the upcoming "Star Wars Rebels," has debuted a new propaganda poster which you can see at EW. Disney and Lucasfilm have also unveiled a photo of the villain for the series - The Inquisitor. In the series, the character is hired by Darth Vader to hunt down the remaining Jedis.

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