More Detail About "Oldboy"

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More Detail About "Oldboy"

One distinctive, but little discussed thing about Park Chan-wook's 2003 cult classic "Oldboy" is the look of the villain.

While the character's motives and actions have been debated endlessly, Park went against type and cast a 27 year-old strikingly handsome former model (Yoo Ji-tae) who stood in stark contrast to our scruffier and decidedly older hero (Choi Min-sik).

With Spike Lee's upcoming remake, the choice of "District 9" hero and "Elysium" baddie Sharlto Copley seems along more familiar lines. Today the first photo has gone up of Copley's appearance in the film which includes some intriguing body scarring.

The photo caps off a busy weekend for the film which had a sizeable promo push at the New York Comic Con. The film's writer Mark Protosevich took the opportunity to defend the film against the inevitable question that keeps popping up - why bother with a remake? He tells SHH:

"We're just as psychologically screwed up, believe me. We all came from a place of honor and respect to the original. I love the original, and I think it's one of the great moviegoing experiences I ever had, and all of us involved were very much inclined to treat the material with as much honor and respect as we can.

I think one of the things that is different in our script and one of the things that I most remember from the film was the period of incarceration. We actually spend a little more time there and we shot for a week straight on this set that was just a small little room and Josh going through various makeups and transformations that correspond to different periods.

There are certain things that we felt were iconic to the original and we were absolutely going to use them. There were other things that I think we perhaps felt were culturally alien to what will be a western audience. There are also I think moments in the original film that are sort of these really unusual, unique visual moments that I think really, in a lot of ways, belong to that movie and to try to recreate them, that didn't feel right."

Finally, three videos are out that are worth a look. The first is the first clip from the film, the second is a strange viral clip promo called 'Eat the Clues', and the third is a making-of featurette about this adaptation.

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