Helena Bonham Carter On "The Lone Ranger" Reception

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Helena Bonham Carter On "The Lone Ranger" Reception

A few months on, and Disney's big-budget western "The Lone Ranger" is still seen as a critical and commercial failure.

Yet, now that the wild vitriol has died down, filmmakers and fans have begun quietly voicing their support for the film, and expressing their confusion over why the critics (especially the U.S. critics) were so harsh on this particular movie.

One of its strong supporters is also one of its supporting cast members, Helena Bonham Carter who appeared at this year's Hamptons International Film Festival to promote "Burton & Taylor".

The actress spoke with The Playlist and the topic of 'Ranger' and the reaction to it came up. She loved the experience and the film, but remains baffled as to the critical reception:

"I loved it and I loved Gore. It was one of the happiest times. They worked so hard on that thing. I feel so appalled and sad that it was greeted with such positively negative reviews; it was actively negative reviews. I was working so I couldn't go promote it but I took my son later and he loved it.

I've been in this situation before. With 'Fight Club,' everyone hated it. My mom actually said, 'Don't you worry, this is going to be around a lot longer.' And that was right after Columbine and it was just a bad time. With 'Lone Ranger,' I'm not sure why it attracted such ire. There are some great things in that movie and it's fun. I think Johnny [Depp] gets taken for granted.

I hope it's going to be reappraised. Tim [Burton—her longtime partner] always talks about how a movie gets bad reviews and then we see it on the telly and the little description is a good review. It's like when did you reappraise this thing? It only came out six months ago and you shat on it."

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