Tim League Banned Madonna?

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Tim League Banned Madonna?

Tim League, the CEO of the beloved by cinephiles Alamo Drafthouse chain, has tweeted that singer Madonna has effectively been banned from its theaters.

What did the Material Girl do to led to such a ban? Texting during a screening. Madonna reportedly attended a New York Film Festival screening last week where she was reportedly annoying fellow audience members by texting on her Blackberry during the film.

According to film critic Charles Taylor, a fellow audience member asked her to stop. She apparently lashed out at them saying "It's for business... ENSLAVER" - an interesting insult considering the screening was this year's awards favorite historical drama "12 Years a Slave".

Drafthouse has a famously strict policy against such behavior, so League tweeted that Madonna would not be admitted to cinemas in the chain until she apologized.

He later indicated that while the 'tweet ban' was an "offhand joke," the company intends to enforce it. Howeve, he doesn't think such a ban "really affects her life that much."

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