No Naughty Scene From "Reign"

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No Naughty Scene From "Reign"

It's getting thoroughly trashed in reviews, and now The CW's new Mary Queen of Scots biographical drama series "Reign" has lost the most talked about scene from the pilot episode.

EW reports that the final pilot going to air will see a cut down version of a scene in the 16th century royal drama that involves one of the Queen's teenage ladies-in-waiting ("Tomorrow When the War Began" and "Neighbours" actress Caitlin Stasey) masturbating in a stairwell after witnessing a 'bedding ceremony'.

It's there that Alan van Sprang's King of France character comes upon her (not literally) and smugly offers his assistance to take over. That was the uncut version which was sent out in a review copy to advertisers and media a while back.

The final cut, which was just sent to critics and will air on the network this week, follows the same order but considerably cuts the self-gratification so that what she does is far more implied than explicitly shown.

Oddly enough, the new version also adds in a scene of gratuitous violence - a quick shot of "a man’s beheading complete with his neck stump spurting blood".

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