New Monsters In "Sleepy Hollow"

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New Monsters In "Sleepy Hollow"

Out doing promotion for FOX's new supernatural series "Sleepy Hollow" over the weekend, the show's executive producers Len Wiseman and Alex Kurtzman spoke about some of the monsters that we'll see in upcoming episodes.

Wiseman says they have a version of The Scarecrow coming up, while Kurtzman hints at a new take on the various Gollum mythologies of the world.

Episodes down the line will also explore the backstory of the headless horseman and how he came to be what he is. There's also the blurred demonic figure which will be gradually revealed over the course of the first season.

Kurtzman says that Fox wouldn't move forward with the series until the producers had an overall plan for the show and where it was headed. He tells Screen Rant:

"It’s interesting because Fox was very vigilant about making sure we had a big plan and it was really to their credit and to our credit because they really wouldn’t give us a green light to series until they knew where we were going. Kevin Riley said, ‘what are the major pillars of season one and what you’re setting up for season two? You don’t have to give me every detail but you have to tell me kind of where it’s going.'

And it really forced us to sit down and come up with a real plan, and what’s been great for us in the writer’s room is that – knowing where we’re going – we can be seeding these things along the way very, very deliberately and it’s not until the end of the season that you’ll realize what you were being set up for and told about."

The show has also earned an honor - it is the biggest percentage gainer of viewers of any show of the Fall TV season when DVR numbers are taken into account.

The show garners a Live+Same Day rating of 3.1, a figure that jumps by a whopping 71% to 5.3 rating when a full week's usage of DVRs (Live+Seven) is taken into account. Basically nearly half its audience records it and watches it later.

Other shows seeing big jumps when a full week's DVR usage is taken into account are the likes of "Parenthood" (69%), "Elementary" (67%), "Hostages" (67%), and "New Girl" (62%).

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