The "Archer: Vice" Storyline You Won't See

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The "Archer: Vice" Storyline You Won't See

Despite the crazy events of "Archer: Vice" last year, this week's premiere of the sixth season of FX's animated comedy returns the gang to their regular espionage business. However, creator-writer Adam Reed has revealed that at one point a plan was considered to see the team paying for their crimes - by putting them in prison.

Reed tells EW: "It was an offhand comment by someone. We sat down and talked about it and were laughing about it, and instantly story ideas were spilling out. Then some wet blanket said, 'Well, you know, it's going to seem like we're ripping off Orange Is the New Black.' It just sucked all the air out of the room.”

The idea may have been abandoned, but the team gave the mag an illustration of their idea of what would happen to these incarcerated characters. Prison movie references galore are in the shot, and Reed explains each one:

Reed said: "1. Ray is obviously the Birdman of Alcatraz. 2. Lana is The Shawshank Redemption, and then 3. Pam is Robert De Niro in the remake of Cape Fear. 4. Cheryl is giving Malory a fake head - that's from Clint Eastwood's Escape From Alcatraz. I think Cheryl would really thrive in prison. She'd probably, on day one, get pardoned, get a job as the assistant warden, and be in charge. 5. Archer is paying homage to Cool Hand Luke. He's got probably 49 eggs in his belly, and Cyril and Krieger are trying to shove one more in there."

Back to the season that we're actually getting, Reed confirmed that Matthew Rhys, Allison Tolman and Christian Slater guest star this season. Also popping up are Keith David and CCH Pounder who will voice Lana's parents.

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