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"Jailbait" sets a darkly cerebral tone, juxtaposing brutality with the unattainable ideal of intimacy in the harshest of psychological environments.

In a truly harrowing performance by Michael Pitt, Randy commits a victimless crime that would normally get him probation and a hefty fine, but in the "three-strikes" world of justice, he finds himself locked up for 25 years. His cellmate Jake (Guirgis) is a congenial yet remorseless lifer who casually informs Randy that he slit his wife's throat because she slept with another man just three months after they exchanged vows. Jake recognizes Randy's fear and offers him advice on how to make it in prison. But it soon becomes clear that Jake has much more than mentoring in mind as he takes Randy under his wing.

For these two men so yearning to be anything but who they are and where they are, power is the goal, and it's never clear who truly holds it right up to the last unsettling moment.

Director: Brett C. Leonard
Writer(s): Brett C. Leonard
Cast: Michael Pitt, Stephen Adly Guirgis, Laila Robins, David Zayas

Release Date: August 4, 2006
Official Site: Not Available
Distributor: Kindred Media Group
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Rating: Not Available

Keyword : Robin, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Not Available, Environment, David, Jai, Stephen Adly Guirgis, Ate, August, Deal, Ex, Here, Jailbait, Red, Take, Up, Andy, Bi, Cas, Ron

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