Flushed Away

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Flushed Away
Review (7.5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Flushed Away is the animated feature whose story focuses on an upper-class, spoiled, yet lonely rat named Roddy (Hugh Jackman). Roddy has everything a rat could ask for at his disposal - tonnes of toys, clothes, the best food, a big screen TV and owners who spoil him. Does it get much better? Life seems grand at his posh Kensington abode until a sewer rat named Sid shows up and literally flushes Roddy's dream life down the toilet. Roddy ends up in Ratropolis, a bustling sewer rat city, that is ruled by a ruthless toad, aptly named "The Toad" (Ian McKellen). Roddy is desperate to find his way back to Kensington and enlists the help of a cute red-headed rat named Rita (Kate Winslet), a fugitive scavenger who maneuvers the world of sewage in her trusty boat, The Jammy Dodger. When The Toad gets wind of Roddy and Rita's plans to escape Ratropolis, he sends out his two henchmen, Whitey (Bill Nighy) and Spike (Andy Serkis) to capture the fleeing duo. Eventually, The Toad enlists the help of an elite group of French frogs (who humourously surrender even before their journey begins) to thwart the plans of Roddy and Rita. R & R soon learn that there is a much more sinister plot behind The Toad's intentions. If they do not act quickly, The Toad will destroy life as they know it in the sewer rat city.

Flushed Away is a quite entertaining, very clever and pretty funny animated flick. The story is decent, the characters likeable and there are more than a handful of genuine laugh out loud moments. The ninja frogs and the singing slugs were absolutely hilarious and without a doubt, the highlight of the movie. The "mime" frog was pretty damn funny too (the cellphone scenerio was brilliant).

Overall, Flushed Away is a fairly well-written and quite entertaining movie. As I write this review, it's been in threaters for about a month now and although it did okay, Happy Feet has more than doubled its box office numbers and I have to be honest with you - I found Flushed Away to be much more entertaining. Not that Happy Feet was a bad movie but if I had to make a choice right this moment between the two movies, I would go with Flushed Away. I guess for me, the ninja frogs, the mime and the slugs would be the deciding factor over the Mexican mafia penguins. It does seem to drag a bit near the end but what movie doesn't nowadays? There are enough jokes for adults in this child-friendly movie to make this movie worth checking out for one and all. I suppose I could have done without the belching rat but besides that, Flushed Away is a barrell (or sewer) of laughs.

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